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Well Water Treatment Systems in Los Angeles

Treating Public & Private Wells for Residential & Commercial Clients

Public wells are owned by a public entity and generally serve five or more homes and businesses. Well water treatment is used in most public wells.

Private wells are not owned by a public entity (city, town, etc.) and serve a very limited number of homes. Well water treatment may or may not be used in privately owned wells. However, as a private well owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your well water is safe to drink. Wells should be tested on an annual basis to determine if your well water needs to be treated.

Pro Water Solutions can test your well water for free, so call us at (888) 904-4453 for an appointment.

Water Standard Testing

The State of California also enforces regulations requiring that all new water wells and some existing wells meet all potable drinking water standards. Pro Water Solutions has helped many well owners through the complex process of bringing water wells up to the Los Angeles County Health Department’s and the State of California’s drinking water standards. If you are a well owner, we can help you submit the documents needed to maintain well water compliance. Annual tests should be conducted for a wide variety of contaminants, but additional testing should also be performed in certain circumstances.

You should conduct additional testing if:

  • There are problems with other wells in your area
  • There are problems near the well (such as flooding)
  • Any part of the well system is repaired or replaced
  • There is a change in water quality (taste, odor, color, etc.)

Well Water Treatment Options

Make sure that your loved ones are drinking the best quality water by choosing the right well water treatment system. There are many ways to treat well water, but no system can address every contaminant. Well water treatment can be at the point of entry of water into the home, or at a point of use.

Some of the most common well water treatment systems include:

  • Various types of filtration systems such as charcoal, paper, chemical, etc.
  • Water softeners that primarily remove “hard water” ions.
  • Distillation systems which turns water to steam, then condenses the steam to liquid water, leaving most of the solid contaminants behind.
  • Arsenic removal through absorption medias.
  • Fluoride removal by using activated alumina.
  • Disinfection, such as chlorine, ozone, ultraviolet light, heat, etc.
  • Chlorination injectors or chlorinators used to control E. Coli and coliform bacteria.
  • Depth filtration or multi-media filter used to control sediment and turbidity.
  • Conditioning and carbon filtration systems used to control bacteria and make well water taste good if it has a taste problem. This technology can also be used to control water scale and hardness without the use of salt or potassium.
  • Aeration used to naturally remove hydrogen sulfide.
  • pH neutralizers used to correct water that is too alkaline or too acidic.
  • Ultraviolet filtration used to control bacteria. Often combined with reverse osmosis (RO) or other technology and does not use chemicals.
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) which is the best way to filter water. It does not use chemicals. Pro Water Solutions offers whole-house reverse osmosis systems as well as under-sink models.

Your Los Angeles well water treatment specialists at Pro Water Solutions can review your needs and determine which kind of treatment system is best suited for your home. We offer free consultations in person or by phone.

Invest in Well Water Treatment from Pro Water Solutions

At Pro Water Solutions, we offer the newest and most cost-effective well water filtration and treatment systems available on the market today. We analyze every well on an individual basis and can create a custom treatment plan that gets to the root of the problem. Whether your well is high in arsenic, has sediment, or is just high in problem-causing minerals, our water treatment technicians can help.

The best way to determine the quality of your well water is to perform a laboratory test. Pro Water Solutions can visit your property and conduct preliminary testing for most issues. However, the most comprehensive way is to have a laboratory do the testing because it assures that your problem will be correctly diagnosed. We can recommend a laboratory and advise you on the best report to purchase.

Have questions about well water treatment? We are happy to help! Give us a call at (888) 904-4453 or contact us online.

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