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Water Softener Systems in Oxnard, CA

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Pro Water Solutions has been Southern California’s leading provider of high-quality water services since 2001. We work diligently to keep our neighbors in Oxnard healthy and happy through installing and maintaining water softening systems as well as a comprehensive list of other water filtration systems. Pro Water Solutions is dedicated to keeping our customers and the environment healthy—which is why our insured and specialized Oxnard team only uses environmentally sustainable products. Don’t leave your home’s water quality to chance, call Pro Water Solutions today for a free consultation.

Trust Pro Water Solutions with your home’s water quality. Call our Oxnard water treatment experts today at (888) 904-4453 or reach out online to schedule your first appointment.

Do You Need a Water Softener?

Many people throughout Southern California depend on their city’s water supply for their home’s water. While this has massive benefits, it can also mean that your water is exposed to a high concentration of minerals—making your water “hard.” Hard water isn’t dangerous to your health, but can have a real impact on your comfort and your plumbing.

5 Signs You Have Hard Water:

  1. Your water tastes or looks “off”: Hard water contains minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium that can leave a metallic taste. Additionally, your water will look less clear when there is an excessive amount of minerals present.
  2. You notice scale buildup on your fixtures: White or greenish limescale deposits on your fixtures can be a sign of hard water moving through your home.
  3. Your skin and hair feel dry: Hard water has a drying effect on your hair and skin and can even exacerbate skin conditions like eczema.
  4. Your appliances are wearing out quicker than expected: If hard water is constantly present in your plumbing system, it can cause mineral buildup and drastically impact the lifespan of appliances like toilets, faucets, and dishwashers.
  5. There’s soap scum buildup: Hard water can cause soap and detergent to bind together, making scrubbing laundry and dishes a more labor-intensive task.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call our experienced water technicians today at (888) 904-4453 to learn more about our water softening solutions.

Comprehensive Water Treatment Services in Oxnard

Having access to clean water is essential for your and your family’s health. At Pro Water Solutions, we take our jobs seriously and offer water treatment products that are safe, warrantied, and meet NSF and ANSI standards.

Our water quality solutions include:

  • Water softening
  • Water conditioning
  • Water filtration
  • Well water filtration

Whatever solution you choose, you can rest assured that Pro Water Solutions will help you maintain your system properly, so you can have clean water for years to come. We also know that accidents happen, and our skilled professionals gladly offer repair services on all of our products.

Every single one of our services is designed with you in mind. We are passionate about providing clean water to the homes in Oxnard and throughout Southern California, and work hard to make sure every experience with Pro Water Solutions goes above and beyond your expectations.

Reach out to our licensed water softener and treatment team in Oxnard today at (888) 904-4453 for a free consultation!


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    All of our products are safe, warrantied, and meet NSF and ANSI standards.
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    We truly care about our customers and their families, that is why we are passionate about improving their water quality.
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    We use the latest technology and products. We custom build water softener systems for each customer.
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We will meet or beat any competitor's quote by 10%. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Call Pro Water Solutions at (888) 904-4453 to request your free in-person or phone consultation to learn more about the benefits of installing a water softener & filtration system
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Call Pro Water Solutions at (888) 904-4453 to request your free in-person or phone consultation to learn more about the benefits of installing a water softener & filtration system