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Water Treatment

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Los Angeles Water Treatment Services

High-Quality, No-Pressure Services You Can Trust

At Pro Water Solutions, we adhere to a strict customer-first approach and go the extra mile to ensure that our products and services are safe, warranted, and meet National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regulations.

These organizations are in place to make sure your family’s home or business is safe from equipment and services that may put your health and well-being at risk. Your safety is our top concern – that’s why we provide a wide range of water treatment services to customers in:

To learn more about how we can help improve your water supply, give us a call at (888) 904-4453 or contact us online

What Are Signs You Need a Water Treatment System?

Check out common signs you need a water treatment system so you can start moving forward with installing the equipment and thus improve your quality of living.

From improving the taste and smell of your tap water to helping to eliminate dry skin and hair, water treatment systems offer a wide range of benefits — so make sure you're not missing out by determining whether or not you need one.

Here are signs you need a water treatment system:

  • Finding scale buildup on appliances
  • Realizing that clothes easily fade
  • Noticing dry skin, hair, or scalp
  • Smelling chlorine or rotten eggs
  • Struggling with poor-tasting water
  • Requiring frequent plumbing repair
  • Dealing with increasing water bills
  • Finding contaminants in quality test
  • Experiencing a decrease in pressure
  • Finding orange or blue-green tints

Residential Water Treatment Services

Our residential water treatment professionals have only one goal: To provide you and your family with the best quality water at the best possible price. You won't experience any high-pressure sales tactics from us.

Pro Water Solutions provides top-quality solutions using the latest technology and innovative products. Whether you are interested in:

We are ready to cater to your needs. Our friendly representatives can answer all your questions during your free initial consultation.

Commercial Water Treatment Services

Commercial water treatment has become necessary in every business. With great satisfaction and pride, Pro Water Solutions has applied many different water treatment techniques for businesses throughout Southern California. Whether you run a:

  • Restaurant
  • Own an office
  • Offer rental units
  • Manage a commercial structure
  • Operate a convenience store

Our commercial water treatment team in Los Angeles is at your service.

Carbon Removal & Rebedding

Pro Water Solutions offers comprehensive services for the removal and rebedding of your hard-piped activated carbon system with our on-site carbon change-out services for residential and commercial filtration systems. The special carbons we use remove chloramines from your city water supply. Chloramines are responsible for the pinhole leak epidemic occurring in Southern California and can also be bad for your health.

Carbon tanks deplete and become exhausted over time. At Pro Water Solutions, we assure the best application of the highest-grade carbon available in today’s market. Our Los Angeles water treatment system technicians mobilize on-site to remove and sequester the spent carbon in approved containers.

Our service technicians will inspect the tank’s internal components and perform minor repairs before refilling the tanks with fresh, high-grade activated, and catalytic carbon. We can also accommodate other media in addition to carbon such as KDF-55.

Improve the Quality of Your Drinking Water

Are you concerned about the quality of your drinking water? If so, it may be time to invest in a water treatment system. Our Los Angeles water treatment experts can help you achieve clean and pure drinking water for you and your family.

Benefits of installing a water treatment system include:

  • Removal of harmful contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and chemicals
  • Elimination of unpleasant tastes and odors
  • Protection against waterborne illnesses
  • Peace of mind knowing that your drinking water is safe and healthy

At Pro Water Solutions, we offer a range of residential and commercial water treatment services to meet your specific needs. Whether you need carbon removal and rebedding or a complete water treatment system installation, we have the expertise to provide high-quality solutions.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward improving the quality of your drinking water.

See why we are the best choice for water treatment services in Los Angeles, CA.

Contact our Los Angeles water treatment team online or call (888) 904-4453 to improve your water supply today. We offer free consultations both in-person and over the phone.


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    All of our products are safe, warrantied, and meet NSF and ANSI standards.
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    We truly care about our customers and their families, that is why we are passionate about improving their water quality.
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    We use the latest technology and products. We custom build water softener systems for each customer.
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    We have a strong reputation in the community. We have received many awards and positive customer reviews.
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    We offer free in-home and phone consultations. We will test your water to find out what type of system would best suit your needs.
We will meet or beat any competitor's quote by 10%. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Call Pro Water Solutions at (888) 904-4453 to request your free in-person or phone consultation to learn more about the benefits of installing a water softener & filtration system
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Call Pro Water Solutions at (888) 904-4453 to request your free in-person or phone consultation to learn more about the benefits of installing a water softener & filtration system