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Whole House Water Filtration

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When should a Whole House Water Filter System be considered?

Before considering any form of whole house water filter or water treatment system, the water entering the house should be tested by a qualified source. This is the only way to be sure a whole house water filter system is needed, what type of system is needed, and determine the type of impurities that must be filtered out of the water.

If taste is the problem, then it might be more practical and less costly to install smaller separate filters only in the kitchen and bathrooms, depending on the type and severity of the taste issue.

If water hardness or sediment (such as dirt) is the problem, then a whole house water filter system should be installed. Untreated water hardness and sediment can be a problem at every point of use within the house, including the kitchen, bathrooms, water heaters, clothes and dish washers, etc.

What is a whole house water filter System?

When it comes to filtering water, there are basically 2 types of systems:

  • Whole house, also known as point-of-entry
  • Point-of-Use, which is only at specific locations within the house

A whole house water filter system is installed at the point where water enters the house. All water used within or associated with the house is filtered, whether it is used for washing dishes, drinking, bathing, or any other purpose.

By comparison, point-of-entry (POE) filters are installed near the location where the water is used. A reverse osmosis filter installed under a sink and feeding only a special faucet for drinking water is an example of a POE system.

Among the impurities that can be removed by a whole house water filter system are:

  • Hardness
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Ammonia and city water disinfectants
  • Sediment
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Iron
  • Bacteria
  • Nitrate
  • Arsenic
  • Various taste or odor contaminants
  • Minerals
  • Viruses
  • and more

Two or more filters may be installed in series (one after the other) as is normally the case with sediment filters. Sediment and chlorine filters are installed first on whole house water filter systems because sediment can quickly clog other types of filters. Additional filters downstream may remove specific contaminants.

Filter systems may also be installed in parallel to get a better flow rate. In parallel installations, each whole house water filter system is duplicated on each leg of the water supply.

Besides Impurities to be Removed, What Factors are involved in selecting a whole house water filter System? Pipe size is one of the most important selection factors. Most houses have either a ¾” or 1” diameter pipe feeding water to the house. Never install a ¾” pipe whole house water filter system on a house that is fed with a 1” pipe. Severe flow restriction could result. The pipe size of the whole house water filter system must be the same size as the main line, or one size larger. Modern whole house water filter systems are sized by the factory so as not to reduce the flow of water available to the house.

Another key factor in selecting a whole house water filter system is whether the system is backwashing or it is not. Traditional filters in housings need frequent replacement. Pro Water Solutions use backwashing filtration which eliminates the need for changing filters and will last 10 years under normal use and have a gallon life expectancy of 2,000,000 gallons or more. If the whole house filter doesn’t backwash the life span is dramatically reduced.

As with any whole house water filter system, consulting a water purity professional is always the best course of action to follow. The experts at Pro Water Solutions are always happy to answer any of your questions or set up an appointment to give you a free estimate at your home or business. To take advantage of this generous offer, please give us a call toll-free at (866) 442-6411.

Pure-O-Flow Reverse Osmosis System The Pure-O-Flow RO System is designed to provide quality water throughout your home. It can save you time and money. You’ll spend less time cleaning tubs and sinks, and reduce money spent for soap, detergents, and other cleaning agents. You will notice the difference every where in your home.

A Pure-O-Flow System takes water purification to the next level. The Pure-O-Flow Reverse Osmosis System uses patented technology to remove nearly all of the substances found in your water.

Tap water passes through a series of filters and membranes that reduce up to 98% of substances, such as arsenic, lead, and radium – some particles are as small as 1,000th the width of a human hair.

The Pure-O-Flow 4-stage design uses:

  • A carbon pre-filter
  • Two reverse osmosis (RO) membrane elements, and
  • A carbon post-filter to produce the highest quality water

With the additional ozone treatment feature, or optional ultra-violet light and constant pressure delivery pump, the Pure-O-Flow System delivers the best quality water throughout your household.

Key features of the Pure-O-Flow system:

  • Provides the taste and quality of expensive bottled water
  • Provides soft water (no slippery or slimy feel)
  • Ice cubes will be clear and hard
  • Dishes and glass ware will sparkle
  • No lime scale on faucets, fixtures, or in pipes
  • Extends the life of appliances
  • You will spend less time cleaning
  • Soap, detergents, and hair products last longer and work better
  • Linens and clothes will be softer and fresher
  • Stops calcium build-up in pipes and water heater
  • Increases water pressure and flow

How to Select a Whole House Filter System Contractor

  • Do they have at least an “A+” Better Business Bureau rating?
  • Does their whole house water filter system equipment have a Water Quality Association “Gold Seal”?
  • Is the contractor a member of the Water Quality Association?
  • If you are considering buying your whole house water filter system from an internet company, department store, or “wholesale” outlet:
    • Who will install the whole house water filter system and assume full responsibility for proper performance and installing it in full compliance with all applicable building codes?
    • Who is responsible for damage if the whole house water filter system or the new plumbing leaks?
    • Who troubleshoots the system if there is any problem?
    • The familiar statement, “Some assembly required”, takes on a whole new meaning when you buy a whole house water filter system from one of these sources
  • Avoid whole house water filter system contractors who try to get you to sign up for regular service because the reality is that the average installation needs maybe one service call in 5 to 8 years.
  • Will the contractor state in writing that they will not use “day labor” on your project? “Day laborers” are not insured. If one of them gets injured on your job, you could be held liable as their “employer”.
  • Does the contractor have valid liability and worker’s compensation insurance? Insist on being listed as “additionally insured” on their insurance policies. These are certificates issued directly from the insurance carriers. There may or may not be an extra charge for this.

Pro Water Solutions has been providing exceptional whole house water filtration systems coupled with unsurpassed customer services for nearly a decade.

Since 2001, our team of skilled professionals has been educating homeowners about the benefits of installing a whole house water filtration system, suggesting the best quality products in the marketplace, and offering peace-of-mind to clients throughout Southern California.

If you are considering a whole house water filtration system for your home or business please feel free to give us a call at (866) 442-6411. We will make your shopping experience information, easy, and fun.

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