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Well Water Treatment Systems

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At Pro Water Solutions we offer the newest and most cost effective well water filtration and treatment systems available in the market today. We analyze every well on an individual basis and after our testing or if you have a current well water report we can create a custom treatment plan and system that solves your individual well water related problem that implements your preference. Whether your well is high in Arsenic, Iron, has sediment, or is just high in problem causing minerals (Hard Water) Pro Water Solutions can help. You may have one single problem or a complex set of many different issues regarding your well water.

The first question to ask is what is the problem you are trying to correct? Did you get a laboratory generated county report with specific elements like arsenic that need to be removed? Do you have a bad taste or odor? Is sediment collecting in changeable filters and household faucet screens? Does your kitchen and bathroom have hard water deposits and scale build up? Does your well report show high amounts of harmful bacteria making water unsafe for drinking? All of these issues are important factors among well owners however the good news is all of these issues are correctable today.

The best way to determine the quality of you well water is to get a laboratory test done on your well water. Pro Water Solutions can easily come to your property and to preliminary testing for most issues but for the most comprehensive way is to have a laboratory do the testing because it assures that your problem will be correctly diagnosed. Call us and we can recommend a laboratory and advise you on the best report to purchase. Pro Water Solutions is a member of the Water Quality Association and they recommend the test includes the following:

  • E Coli Coliform Bacteria. (Causes Gastro Intestinal Illnesses)
  • Calcium and Magnesium (Hardness of Water)
  • Nitrates
  • Arsenic
  • Iron (Ferric)
  • Red Water Iron (Ferrous) causes staining on Fixtures and Surfaces
  • PH (Acidity and Alkalinity)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Smell) best done by Pro Water Solutions in the field.
  • Turbidity (Sediment)
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Manganese (Black Stains on Fixtures and Laundry)
  • Sulfur Bacteria (Strong Sulfur Smell in Water)
  • Tannins (Yellow and Brown Tea Like Stains)

It is also helpful to the diagnosis of treatment if you have some helpful background information on your home and well, such as its plumbing design. You will want to have the following information available, if possible.

Well Pump Size and GMP (Gallons per Minute)

Plumping Pipe Size (¾ inch, 1 inch, 1 1/4, etc.

Type of plumbing outside and inside the house. (Copper, Galvanized, or PVC/CPVC) many wells are a combination of these types.

Max Flow Rate (How Many Gallons of Water at One time will your home, irrigation, or livestock demand at one time.

Size of Home (sq. Ft.)

Number of Bathrooms

How many people live in the home?

There many different systems to solve well water related issues:

Chlorination Injection or chlorinators are used to control E coli and coli form bacteria’s present in water.

Water Softening Systems using salt or potassium is the most effective way to control water hardness and scale build up in pipes and on surfaces.

Depth Filtration or a Multi Media filter is used to control sediment and turbidity. These no maintenance systems replace changeable filters and are maintenance free.

Conditioning or Carbon Filtration Systems are used to control bacteria and give water a polished good tasting crisp quality. This technology is also used to combat scale and hardness without changing the components of water and is not salt based or potassium systems.

Aeration used to remove hydrogen Sulfide or bad smelling water naturally.

Ph Neutralizers are implemented to realign PH (potential hydrogen) back to its natural state by adjusting its acidity or alkalinity

Ultraviolet Filtration is used to control bacteria and is usually combined with reverse osmosis or other technology and does not use chemicals.

Reverse Osmosis is the best way to filter water and Pro Water Solutions uses a whole house system with little or no water waste. This is truly bottled water everywhere in the house without adding anything to the water. We also have traditional reverse osmosis for under the sink and refrigerator for cooking and drinking.

A local water dealer and a company solely responsible for all aspects of the process is the most practical way to handle well water issues. Systems bought on the internet or purchased for installation by the owner is a detriment to the process. These systems are sensitive, require adjustment, and are best warranted to through a qualified installer and water equipment dealer like Pro Water Solutions. Systems bought on the internet are very difficult and costly to replace and return, and plumbers need to be paid regardless no matter what the internet company’s process is. Pro Water Solutions is a specially licensed water filtration contractor registered with California State Contractors board and is insured and bonded. A well owner has no recourse if equipment bought through the internet leaks or causes water damage or even worse health problems. Our equipment is gold sealed with water Quality association and meets NSF National Safety Foundation and ANSI standards. Pro Water Solutions has an A+ the California Better Business Breuer and is a member of the Water Quality Association proudly servicing, selling and installing water filtration for well owners all over the Los Angeles and Ventura County.

We Make A Splash With Our Clients

We have names and phone numbers of references upon request.

After we had several different water companies out to see us it was clear who was the most professional out of all of them. The sales people were nice and friendly and the guys that did the installation were really good at what they do. They always answer their phone and they responded right away to every question we had before and after we bought our system. No more salt and a maintenance free system is exactly what we needed. The water is much better for the household and the family. – Adriana L. Santa Clarita Ca.

I have a well in Malibu and no matter what I did I couldn’t find anyone who could solve my water problems until I came upon Pro Water Solutions. They were able to use a part of my old filtrations system which saved me money and they turned a very difficult high maintenance system into a no maintenance system. I was very grateful and they didn’t try to sell me a filtration system I didn’t need. They were honest and professional throughout there time with me. -T Williams Malibu Ca.

Because of the water softener ban in my area I needed a system that would take care of the hard water in my home with out the salt system and I wanted soft water but didn’t want exchange tanks from you know who so I called Pro Water Solutions. They have outstanding customer service at the best prices I could find. I have dealt with the other guys many times over the years and I’m glad those days are gone. – WRS Valencia Ca.

I am a contactor and was very pleased with the work they did on my home and another custom project I was working on I will be using them in the future and I highly recommend them they do very good work.- K Chester Pasadena Ca.

“My family uses a good amount of water so quality is very important to us. I am a mother four girls and I really needed some help. All the children and I suffer from sensitive skin. I was able to manage before the girls were born by using creams and moisturizers. However, when there were four of them, I had to find a better way. My Father told me that he was using Pro Water Solutions to treat his water and that they had helped with his dry skin. I had never considered that my water might be the problem before, but I have to admit it made sense Pro Water Solutions had many articles on their web site about skin problems and minerals in the water. I only wish someone had told me about it years ago. If someone had told my Father about Pro Water Solutions it could have saved me and my girls a lifetime of dry, red, irritated skin. Thanks Pro Water Solutions. You are the best!”

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