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Water Filtration Systems

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What is the difference between “Water Filtration” and “Water Treatment”?

“Water treatment systems” refers to any process that is done to water to purify it. Treatment systems include various filtration methods, the addition of chemicals, aeration (adding oxygen to the water), and other processes.

On the other hand, the term”water filtration systems” specifically refers to processes that remove particulate matter (dirt, etc.), minerals, or compounds that cause taste, odor, or color/clarity problems in drinking water.

For example, adding chlorine to water is a “treatment”. It has nothing to do with “filtering”.

For purposes of this article we’ll use common terms. In other words, “water filtration systems” and “water treatment systems” mean the same thing: any means used to purify water.

When should a Water Filtration System or Water Treatment System be used?

The water should always be tested by a qualified lab or technician before attempting to select a water filtration system on well water systems. A local annual city water quality report should be analyzed by Pro Water Solutions before water treatment or water filtration is considered.

Only proper testing can determine what needs to be implemented to purify the water. To have Pro Water Solutions test your water, call…

The internet and today’s market have a wide variety of water filtration and water treatment devices to select from.

BUYER BEWARE: There is danger buying water filtration systems online.

While on the surface it may appear that you are saving money, when everything is considered and into the equation, the reality is often that the “cheap” online system is going to cost you much more than a system selected, installed, and serviced by a qualified professional.

Many of the manufacturers of these water filtration systems know you will never see these units until after they are shipped. They also know that the systems are just too costly for customers to return.

Unless you know exactly what system you are buying on the internet, or from a company, ask if the system or device is certified with NSF and is NSF 60, 61, or 58 compliant with not only the Water Quality Association gold seal of approval standards, but also meets California regulations.

This verification should include all components of the filtration system, along with the filters, housing, and water treatment system media.

Pro Water Solutions sells, installs, and services water treatment systems that meet all of these criteria.

Online companies also come and go. An online company will tell you anything, sell you anything, and never deliver.

Pro Water Solutions offers you real people who will look you in the eye and shake your hand.

You know us. We live in or near your community. You know who your buying you water filtration system from.

We do it right…the first time.

We often are called after someone buys a water treatment system online or from one of the local hardware or “big box” store, and then can’t install it themselves, or they bought a system they don’t understand, or they didn’t get the result they were looking for. And if the system wasn’t installed by a professional, there’s an excellent chance it could be illegal (not installed according to local building codes).

You get what you pay for when it comes to water treatment systems.

You will see and taste the value in Pro Water Solutions systems. Before you try to do it yourself to “save money,” please call us so we can guide you, or keep you from making a very expensive mistake. We will be glad to advise you in this manner.

There is no universal water treatment system that works on all types of contaminated water.

Each type of system removes specific impurities.

A well-engineered water filtration system uses the proper methods in the proper sequence to yield high quality water in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

What are the basic types of systems available for home use?

The most common home water treatment systems are (no order of priority):

  • Water Softeners
  • Sediment (particulate) Filters
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Under sink, or point-of-use Reverse Osmosis (RO) units
  • Whole House Reverse Osmosis (RO) units
  • Ultraviolet Light (UV) Units
  • Deionizers
  • Ozone Disinfectant Systems
  • Iron Removal Systems

You might need just one of these, or more than one.

It depends on the particular impurities that need to be removed.

The particular impurities that need to be removed can only be determined by having your water professionally tested.

With this test report in hand, an expert can then select only the systems that you need, in the correct size for your application (“bigger” isn’t necessarily “better”).

How to Choose a Water Conditioning Treatment contractor

  • What is their Better Business Bureau rating? It should be at least “A+”
  • Does their equipment have a Water Quality Association “Gold Seal”?
  • Does the contractor belong to the Water Quality Association?
  • If you are considering buying your well water treatment equipment or system from an internet company, department store, or “wholesale” outlet:
    • Who will install the well water treatment system and assume full responsibility for proper performance and full compliance with all applicable building codes?
    • Who is responsible for damage if the well water treatment system or the new plumbing leaks?
    • Who troubleshoots the system if there is any problem?
    • The familiar statement, “Some assembly required”, takes on a whole new meaning when you buy a water conditioning system from one of these sources
  • Avoid water conditioning contractors who try to get you to sign up for regular service
  • Will the contractor state, in writing, that they will not use “day labor” on your project? “Day laborers” are not insured. If one of them gets injured on your job, you could be held liable as their “employer”.
  • Does the contractor have valid liability and worker’s compensation insurance? Insist on being listed as “additionally insured” on their insurance policies. These are certificates issued directly from the insurance carriers. There may or may not be an extra charge for this

Pro Water Solutions is a leading provider of water conditioning and treatment solutions.

We provide the best quality products coupled with unsurpassed customer service.

We sell, install, and service our products to insure customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Since 2001, our team of skilled professionals has been educating home and business owners about the benefits of installing water softening systems, suggesting the best quality products in the marketplace, and offering peace-of-mind to clients throughout Southern California.

If you are considering a water softener, or other water treatment system, for your home or office, give us a call (866) 442-6411

We will make your shopping experience educational, easy, and fun.

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