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Water Conditioning

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What is Water Conditioning?

Water conditioning is the process of removing or altering minerals, chemicals, and contaminants from a water source.

Today, more than ever, there is a growing concern about our water supplies containing a multitude of contaminants such as chlorine, ammonia, chloramines, and many other harmful chemicals.

Applying the proper type(s) of water conditioning creates clean water that tastes good and is good for you.

Water Conditioning vs Water Softening

Choosing between a conditioning system and a water softening system depends on your water quality goals. The answer lies in these two areas:

Mineral Buildup Problems

A good water conditioning system will improve a mineral build-up issue, but will not solve it.

A water softening system alters the molecular structure of the calcium and magnesium so it will not easily adhere to surfaces. This reduces the water hardness problem by about 40%.

It is often advertised that salt-less water treatment systems work as well as salt-based water softeners. This is not the case.

No matter what type of salt-less technology is used, the water hardness test will have the exact same reading, or result, before and after the salt-less water treatment system.

If total reduction of water hardness is the goal, then a water softener that is salt-based is the answer.

BUYER BEWARE: There is no magic bullet for water hardness. So please be aware of false claims from companies offering a total relief from mineral build-up through anything other than salt-based systems and reverse osmosis.

Chemical Contaminants

The real benefit of a water conditioning system is the removal of aggressive chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine, and cancer-causing chloramines.

Using carbon-based water treatment systems is the best way to keep your family or business free of the hazardous disinfecting agents found in drinking water.

However, all water conditioning systems are not built the same.

Look for the Gold Seal Certification from the Water Quality Association and find out how much water each water conditioning unit treats.

Pro Water Solutions Water Conditioner Systems treat 2,000,000 gallons of water before the tanks need to be re-bedded with new carbon.

Most other treatment systems on the market today only treat 700,000 gallons of water before the carbon exhausts.

Capacity is a very important factor. Pro Water Solutions system treats almost 3 times as much water.

For comparison, a typical in-ground swimming pool contains about 30,000 gallons of water.

Pro Water’s system treats the equivalent of about 66 swimming pools of water.

Other systems only treat about 23 swimming pools worth.

Some cities in the Los Angeles area are discouraging water softeners or banning them.

Pro Water Solutions has sold thousands of water treatment systems in these softener restricted areas.

Please call us for more information on this subject to see where your city stands on this issue…

Even though some cities like Santa Clarita, Fillmore, and parts of Ventura have banned water softeners, the results have shown no positive effects or results on ground water chloride levels. Therefore, it is doubtful any additional cites will participate in the water softener ban because the ban is not producing the desired results.

Use a company that offers both water softener and water conditioning systems…

When deciding between a water softener or a water conditioning system, choose a company that offers and installs both.

Making the choice of a water softening or water conditioning system is an important one. That’s why we, at Pro Water Solutions, offer both at the same price so you can make the decision based on what is best for you and your family’s water quality goals.

For the best water quality treatment, a home or business owner can add both the Water conditioning and water softening systems. Please see our Water Softener and Carbon Combination System Brochure to fully understand the best system we have to offer. This system gives you the benefit of top quality soft water as well as water that is free of chemical additives used by your local water supplier.

Is Well Water Conditioning Required?

At Pro Water Solutions we offer the latest proven, cost effective, water conditioning and treatment systems available on the market today.

We analyze each home or business individually.

After testing, or if you have a local water quality report, we will custom-tailor a treatment plan and system that solves your specific water quality problem(s) within your budget.

Whether your well is high in chlorine and chloramines, or just high in problem causing minerals (hard water), Pro Water Solutions will carefully and professionally identify and solve the problem(s) with the best system.

How to Choose a Water Conditioning Treatment contractor

  • What is their Better Business Bureau rating? It should be at least “A+”
  • Does their equipment have a Water Quality Association “Gold Seal”?
  • Does the contractor belong to the Water Quality Association?
  • If you are considering buying your well water treatment equipment or system from an internet company, department store, or “wholesale” outlet:
    • Who will install the well water treatment system and assume full responsibility for proper performance and full compliance with all applicable building codes?
    • Who is responsible for damage if the well water treatment system or the new plumbing leaks?
    • Who troubleshoots the system if there is any problem?
    • The familiar statement, “Some assembly required”, takes on a whole new meaning when you buy a water conditioning system from one of these sources
  • Avoid water conditioning contractors who try to get you to sign up for regular service
  • Will the contractor state, in writing, that they will not use “day labor” on your project? “Day laborers” are not insured. If one of them gets injured on your job, you could be held liable as their “employer”.
  • Does the contractor have valid liability and worker’s compensation insurance? Insist on being listed as “additionally insured” on their insurance policies. These are certificates issued directly from the insurance carriers. There may or may not be an extra charge for this.

Pro Water Solutions is a leading provider of water conditioning and treatment solutions.

We provide the best quality products coupled with unsurpassed customer service.

We sell, install, and service our products to insure customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Since 2001, our team of skilled professionals has been educating home and business owners about the benefits of installing water softening systems, suggesting the best quality products in the marketplace, and offering peace-of-mind to clients throughout Southern California.

If you are considering a water softener, or other water treatment system, for your home or office, give us a call (866) 442-6411

We will make your shopping experience educational, easy, and fun.

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