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What is Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment?

Reverse Osmosis is the most effective and economical way to treat drinking water in today.

Pro Water Solutions offers a 50 gallon per day four-stage RO process extracting everything that is bad in your tap water.

The best way to describe the RO process is to take a glass of water with ice and pour it into a towel. You will see that the water pours through the towel and the ice stays behind. The ice left in the towel represents the containments in the water. The reverse osmosis process stops contaminants while allowing only pure water to flow through. Your water is clean, clear, fresh, and pure…at pennies per gallon.

This is the basic concept for a “semi-permeable membrane”. The RO membrane is designed to allow molecules of a specific size, and smaller, to easily pass through the material, while blocking larger molecules.

This is a simplified explanation of how a reverse osmosis water treatment filter does it’s job…pure water molecules pass through while contaminants (not all) are blocked.

In fact, reverse osmosis filters are one of the most effective methods of desalinating sea water to make potable water (water for human consumption).

Why Should You Use RO Water Treatment?

Here are a few reasons to consider reverse osmosis water treatment:

  • Your body is 67% water…shouldn’t it be pure?
  • No monthly bill.
  • No bottles to buy and store (ever pick up a case of bottled water, or try to find room to store all those bottles?).
  • Higher quality than many famous bottled waters.
  • Higher quality than most municipal water supplies and private wells.
  • No bottles going to landfills, rivers, streams, and oceans.
  • The Green solution to pure water (no bottles manufactured or floating in rivers and bodies of water).

Try this test yourself: Take an ice tray and fill it with high quality bottled water. Place the tray in your freezer. Compare the bottle water ice cubes with ice cubes made by your refrigerator’s ice maker. It will be obvious from this simple test that purified water freezes clear and frozen tap water is cloudy. Reverse osmosis ice is harder, almost like a piece of glass, and healthier for you. Imagine how much better your iced tea, mixed drinks, and everything you cook in water will taste. Baked goods that require water also turn out with a richer taste.

Pro water Solutions can often attach your reverse osmosis unit to both the kitchen sink and the refrigerator so you get the benefit of purified ice and chilled drinking water.

Go from this…

… to this

Reverse Osmosis and a Green Planet

Reverse osmosis has been reliably used since the 1950s. RO is still the most inexpensive, reliable, and effective way to get high quality purified water, the same quality, or better, as the expensive and planet polluting bottled water you drink today.

As we become more dependent on bottled water, empty bottles hit our lakes, oceans, rivers, and streams. Consumers are slowly becoming more aware of the environmental impact of bottled water, switching to refillable containers filled with fresh, clean reverse osmosis water that they make themselves.

Environmentalists call the plastic that these bottles are made from, and the fact that the majority are never recycled, one of the worst environmental disasters to threaten California’s eco system in over 10 years. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

As if the bottles themselves (and the plastic shrink-wrap used on my brands on their cases) aren’t bad enough from an environmental standpoint, oil wells have to be drilled and crude oil transported and processed in order to make the plastic these bottles. Oil is a non-renewable natural resource. Corn, soybeans, trees, etc., are renewable resources (plant-grow-harvest-repeat). When all of the oil in the ground is gone, and unavoidably one day it will be, there will never be any natural oil on this planet again. That day will come, as sure as day follows night. All we can do is reduce our oil usage to put that day as far in the future as possible because when that day comes, all of the oil wells on the planet will be shut down. Forever.

Some Reverse Osmosis and Bottled Water Myths Exposed

Myth: Bottled water is more pure than reverse osmosis water you make yourself.

Fact: There are no Federal standards for bottled water purity. Up to 40% of the bottled waters on the market are essentially local municipal water put into a bottle. And most bottled waters that actually filter the municipal water before bottling, use RO filters. Therefore, the reverse osmosis water that you make yourself is as pure, or more pure, than those few bottled waters that are filtered.

Myth: Bottled water is cheaper than making reverse osmosis water yourself.

Fact: In the Santa Clarita valley, RO water that you make with your own reverse osmosis unit costs about 5 cents per gallon*. And let’s see, you’re currently paying $1.07 for a gallon of bottled water in the little plastic bottles (a case of 24 half-liter bottles is 2.8 gallons and costs around $3.00 per case).

So what it really comes down to is this:

5 cents per gallon for water you make yourself, or…

$1.07 per gallon, plastic bottles to dispose of, and depletion of a non-renewable natural resource

Tough decision.

Based on the initial purchase price of the reverse osmosis unit from Pro Water Solutions, routine maintenance, and water usage for a family of 4 over a 5 year period.

Myth: Using reverse osmosis to make pure water wastes water.

Fact: Water does go down the drain as a natural process with all RO systems. However, that water is flushing the filtered impurities down the drain. Also, the reverse osmosis system Pro Water Solutions installs in your home is more efficient than the large reverse osmosis systems used in some bottled water plants. So you’re actually wasting less water by making your own RO water at home than buying it in little plastic bottles.

Myth: Plastic bottles are OK because they’re recycled.

Fact: 86% of all plastic water bottles are not recycled. Fill that plastic water bottle ¼ of the way with crude oil. That’s how much crude oil, a non-renewable natural resource, you’re throwing away with every bottle you purchase and don’t recycle. No matter how you look at it, bottled water is not “Green”.

Why Should You Choose Pro Water Solutions For Your Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System?

  • Pro Water does not use high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Pro Water gives you the best quality at the best price with the best service.
  • Pro Water Solutions is not a franchised company with sales commissions you must pay. Therefore, we’re often ½ the price of the competition.
  • Pro Water Solutions warrantees the products and the installation. We service what we sell.
  • Our reverse osmosis system as received the Gold Seal of approval which is very difficult to obtain.

How to Choose an RO or Water Conditioning Treatment Contractor

  • What is their Better Business Bureau rating? It should be at least “A+”
  • Does their equipment have a Water Quality Association “Gold Seal”?
  • Does the contractor belong to the Water Quality Association?
  • If you are considering buying your reverse osmosis equipment or system from an internet company, department store, or “wholesale” outlet:
  • Avoid reverse osmosis contractors who try to get you to sign up for regular service.
  • Will the contractor state, in writing, that they will not use “day labor” on your project? “Day laborers” are not insured. If one of them gets injured on your job, you could be held responsible and liable as that person’s “employer”.

Does the contractor have valid liability and worker’s compensation insurance? Insist on being listed as “additionally insured” on their insurance policies. These are certificates issued directly from the insurance carriers. There may or may not be an extra charge for this.

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